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The apartments

Designed for a
modern lifestyle

Filippa Haven was ready for tenants by the end of 2017. The style, the layout and the materials match the latest trends. Most of the apartments have access to a roof terrasse or a balcony.

The apartments have classic white kitchens, the rooms have a great inflow of light and lots of cupboard space. You have heated floors everywhere both in the beautiful wooden floors and in the grey tile floors in the bathroom.

Suitable for both students and families

Filippa Haven has 59 apartments between 77 and 138 sq. meters in the apartment blocks. The size and lay out appeals both to families and student looking to share an apartment.

The property also has 24 town houses with 2 or 3 floors ranging between 113 and 157 sq. meters which are equally suited for sharing. Most apartments have their own roof terrasse. You are allowed to have one pet in all apartments.