Sustainable architecture

- Danish building traditions

The property has been built with the ambition to create city life and at the same time great care has been taken to use materials reflecting Danish building traditions, low maintenance cost and sustainability.

The materials have been carefully chosen both in order to facilitate a building process with a minimum of unnecessary resource demanding operations and with a focus on long life and low maintenance cost. Sustainability is further ensured by the fact that most building materials can be re-cycled or disposed off in an environmental friendly should the buildings ever be demolished.

The architecture

A varied industrial expression

The property is executed as an industrial building project. The 3 blocks have individual structures in rhythm, geometry and shape. They are intertwined in a very varied structure of town houses and apartment blocks around an atrium which serves as primary entrance to the buildings. They have a strong sculptural expression and shadows weaves beautiful varied patterns on the light facades over the course of the day and the year.

A spirit of community

Each staircase opens to the roof terrace inviting a spirit of community with the neighbours, however, it is totally up to the residents to act upon the invitation. The project also has a nice light and open common room with big windows. Each staircase has and entry room with mailboxes, message boards and private electricity-meters.

Tiles and all white concrete

The facades divided into a base creating the intimate horizontal urban space. The base is built with heavy rustic tiles standing and lying. Windows and doors stand out like reliefs in the rustic tiles. To accentuate horizontal against the vertical the all white concrete facade rests lightly on the heavy tile base. The panels are divided vertically accentuating the vertical ribbon windows.




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